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Enterprise Application Development

Increase operating efficiency and data integration:

  • Application portfolio strategy
  • Modernizing legacy back office systems (ERP, SCM)
  • Automating workflow and business processes (BPM)
  • Fulfillment, merchandising and payment processing for eCommerce
Mobile Application Development

Improve business agility and customer engagement:

  • Application portfolio strategy
  • Field service enablement (B2E)
  • Sales enablement (B2E)
  • Customer apps and mobile commerce (B2C)
Cloud Application Development

Leverage elastic resources and multi-tenant business models:  

  • Application portfolio strategy
  • Native cloud application development
  • SaaS re-architecture of legacy applications
  • White label SaaS product development
Portfolio Rationalization

Evaluate the value of your business processes via:

  • A comprehensive assessment of technologies and architectures
  • Objective review in parallel with insightful analysis
  • Value and/or business case definitions
  • Roadmap for execution of prioritized goals

How can Headspring help me?



We can help you align your application portfolio strategy to your business goals:

  • Application portfolio rationalization to support BT priorities
  • Improve responsiveness to LOB requests to reduce shadow IT
  • Modernizing legacy applications to support M&A
  • Re-architecting SOR for greater agility and SOE support
  • Sales and field service enablement
Persona IT & Application Development
IT & Application Development

IT & Application Development

We can help you build an application development roadmap and then deliver it with confidence:

  • Application portfolio strategy (enterprise, cloud, mobile, analytics)
  • Application development, modernization and re-architecture
  • 100% onshore application developers, enterprise architects and software engineers so there's no "loss in translation" (ensures delivery matches scope of work)
  • Post-Agile(™) rapid delivery means users receive modular functionality earlier in the cycle (reduces schedule risk)
  • 98% project success rate and 90% customer retention


The best software application rollout is the one that your team never remembers.  We work with COO's and their teams to ensure not only a smooth delivery but also real efficiency/ROI gains:

  • Mobile apps for field service enablement
  • Process improvement and workflow automation (BPM, BPA, DCM)
  • Modernizing SOR platforms (ERP, SCM) to support SOE solutions
  • Architecting cloud applications and extending SaaS functionality
Persona ECommerce


We help eCommerce leaders tackle the heavy lifting associated with integrating backend systems with front end commerce platforms:

  • Support for international expansion between order management and local fulfillment centers across borders (VAT, import documentation, routing, etc.)
  • Backend system integration to support "Ship from Store" omni-channel strategies
  • Automating Item Master and Merchandising file merge, upload and synchronization
  • Real-time inventory status for on-the-go consumers using mobile devices to locate online or in-store products 
  • Technical assessment of back end systems to support cart re-platforming initiatives (SaaS, packaged software, custom)


We help Sales leaders improve sales efficiency, enhance sales enablement, and deepen customer engagement:

  • Mobile applications to support field sales enablement while integrating with CRM (B2E)
  • Mobile applications to deepen customer engagement and connection to sales staff
  • Business process automation (BPA) of routine sales tasks to improve sales operations efficiency
  • Custom development to support Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) and CRM integration
Persona Vendor Sourcing


Our smart engagement approach insulates you from the top three causes of project failure: (i) incomplete functionality, (ii) schedule overruns, and (iii) cost overruns:

  • Comprehensive Technical Analysis properly scopes functionality and interoperability requirements up front (clear scope of work)
  • Flexible financial structure to support changing LOB business priorities
  • 100% onshore application developers, enterprise architects and software engineers so there's no "loss in translation" (ensures delivery matches scope of work)
  • Fixed price estimates means no budget surprises for you (no cost overruns)
  • 98% project success rate and 90% customer retention

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