Scott Lowden Headspring Solution Architect
Solution Architect
Dec 15, 2015
Enterprise mobile is not the same as consumer mobility

Our chief architect, Jimmy Bogard, was recently interviewed by Locassa as part of their Expert Interview series. Of particular highlight was the distinction enterprise mobile has in the industry. Questions ranged from push notifications, UX/UI preferences, security and the utility of VPNs.

Below are some highlights on what I see are the three most pressing distinctions for enterprise mobile application development....

Jimmy Bogard Headspring Chief Technical Architect
Chief Technical Architect
Dec 10, 2015
Evolutionary architecture

To avoid slapdash or overdone engineering, start with the simplest architecture that could possibly work, verify it works, and leave it alone.

This article was originally...

Research & Analysis
Dec 3, 2015
internet of things will change things for CIO, CTO and P&L owners

Going into 2016, many businesses are evaluating specific investments in relation to product roadmap and department budgets. Internet of Things (IoT) is on the docket. Over the next five years, deployments of IoT will be worth an extra 15 billion dollars. Furthermore, early successes will give way to wider adoption and broader innovation.

With this in mind, successes in 2016 will prove to be very strategic for executive leadership. Both P&L owners and technology experts — be it the CIO or CTO — have a lot at stake. Illustrating success in...

Solution Architect
Nov 17, 2015
Austin GiveCamp tech for charities

This past weekend Headspring hosted AustinGiveCamp a local, community-focused charity event spearheaded by our director of engineering. The purpose of GiveCamp is to introduce non-profit organizations to talented web and technology professionals willing to dedicate a weekend to help their cause.

In September, Headspring Houston hosted GiveCamp for 5 nonprofits and 20 volunteers. The Austin GiveCamp hosted 7 nonprofits and over 40 volunteers. (By the way, Headspring’s only involvement was supplying the workspace and food -- everything else was...

John Sarantakas
Director, Sales and Marketing
Nov 11, 2015

The utility of enterprise mobile apps and field apps has reached a point where they are now necessary for many businesses. Unfortunately, demand has far outpaced the development capacity of the average organization – and the problem is only getting worse.

According to research conducted by Gartner, by 2018, commissions for enterprise mobile apps will exceed development capacity by an order of five to one. That should serve as a wake up call...


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