Nagaveni Dasari
QA Engineer
Mar 16, 2015
Xamarin Test Cloud

Structured automated testing of mobile apps is still not a part of every project.  A majority of the tools that are available are either completely iOS or Android; not both.


When Xamarin released Test Cloud, a cloud-based platform for testing apps on a wide range of Android and iOS devices, we thought we could give it a try and see whether it would be a good fit for us. Headspring is a .NET and C# shop, and Xamarin Test Cloud would allow us to write tests in C#.

Because of my knowledge in .NET, I wanted to try the...

Eric Huang
Senior Consultant
Mar 10, 2015
Using Grunt, Jenkins and AWS Elastic Beanstalk together - in harmony

In this last part of a three-part series, I will demonstrate how I configure Jenkins and utilize different plugins to construct the deployment pipeline. You can find background information on this solution, and some infrastructure preparation guidance from Part 1 and ...

Project Manager
Mar 6, 2015

For estimating to be useful when planning a project, estimates need to closely reflect the reality of what is ahead.​

Whenever I ask people to estimate how long tasks will take, the default is almost always in days or hours.  However, estimating in days ends up with less useful information than estimating in more abstract scope buckets, such a story points.  

What’s wrong with days?!
Using days for estimates works well with small, well-known tasks executed by a...

Vishal Bardoloi
Principal Consultant
Mar 4, 2015
Cloud environment

A key question any CIO has faced over the last few years is: Are your systems ready to move to the cloud? It's not one that can be put off any more. Platforms have matured tremendously and costs have fallen to the point where the advantages outweigh the risks.

I have worked on several cloud migration projects and found that nearly every organization will go through a few hard knocks before they can see any benefits. The good news is, you can now benefit from the accumulated lessons that the industry has learned over the past decade.  This...

Research & Analysis
Feb 27, 2015
writing on pad next to laptop

Headspring announces a new, annual survey in response to an industry need to better understand organizational improvements.


Business transformation is not just important; it’s vital to the success of all organizations in the 21st century marketplace.  How an IT organization approaches and executes the directive to consolidate efforts from cost-center to revenue contributor has not only transformed the IT organization, it is also changing how companies retain competitive advantage and the requirements of internal and...

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