Nolan Egly
Senior Consultant at HeadSpring
Feb 13, 2015

You have a LOT of options for communicating with others.  Once upon a time if you weren’t talking with someone face to face, you were writing them a letter.  Today we have: face to face, delivered writing (letters, faxes, email), realtime writing (instant message, text), voice (phone, VOIP), and telepresence (remote audio/video feed in real time).

All of these options have different characteristics that affect how your message is received and perceived by the listener, because so much of communication is nonverbal.  When you are sitting with someone...

Project Manager
Feb 12, 2015
Sketch on paper with pen

Developers are almost always terrible at designing a user experience.  Although there are the rare unicorns who can master both.  This comes from the different skillsets needed to understand user experience and the skillsets needed to write solid code and architectures.  

  • The skill that makes a developer great is the ability to take complex concepts in the real world and distill them into abstractions that capture the most relevant parts and ignore irrelevant details.  
  • The key for solid software design is the ability to...
Chief Marketing Officer
Feb 5, 2015
Risk vs. Reward

One of the hot topics in application portfolio strategy over the past few years has been portfolio rationalization.  That is, inventorying and evaluating all of the applications an enterprise is running to look for ways to reduce redundancy, costs, and improve business efficiency.  On the surface, portfolio rationalization appears to be a noble cause and an exercise that every enterprise should undertake.

There are no shortage of vendors willing to step up to help today’s enterprise businesses in this endeavor, and each have their own agendas for...

Eric Huang
Senior Consultant
Jan 14, 2015

In my previous blog post I gave a high-level overview of our MEAN-stack delivery solution. This time I will walk through actual environment preparation and the upcoming Part 3 blog post will focus on how to integrate with Jenkins and make every tool work nicely with each other.

Infrastructure Preparation


For demo purpose I created a sample project that has two parts: api and static web. You...

Eric Huang
Senior Consultant
Dec 8, 2014
lego bricks

Recently I have been involved in a project that utilizes MEAN stack and AWS Elastic Beanstalk. After some trials and errors we managed to setup a simple deployment pipeline that has proven to work pretty well. Surprisingly, there isn’t a lot of information out there on setting this up so I decide to write up a short summary of what we have done.

This is not a short journey so I plan to separate the blog post into two parts. The first part of the blog...

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