Senior Consultant
Oct 6, 2015
Houston GiveCamp

As a Senior Consultant at Headspring, I get to do a lot of remarkable things. For example, I’ve contributed to many projects ranging from a cutting edge higher education data tool to a customer support portal for one of the largest private home builders in the country. However, the most rewarding project I’ve been a part of here has not been a Headspring project at all.

I lead the Houston effort for our GiveCamp initiative. Headspring hosts GiveCamp events where two of our Texas branches set up a weekend for local technology professionals to donate...

Research & Analysis
Sep 29, 2015

For that quick win, lift-and-shift – moving a system from its current, non-Cloud location to a Cloud provider with essentially no change to its design – can be ideal. It can show a business department that IT is highly responsive to requests, and keep functionality in place to which users are accustomed. Moving quickly to the Cloud can also help reduce the costs of physical infrastructures, and the cost and time that goes into replatforming is not to be underestimated.

However: there are other reasons to be in the Cloud, and applications that were...

Client Engagement Manager
Sep 17, 2015
Bi-modal / Agile IT Organization for Enterprise

IT leaders continue to be challenged to position their departments to lead innovation efforts within their company.  These efforts require moving from being reactive to proactive; from executing requests to defining and implementing technology to grow the business. At the same time, however, the effort required to maintain the current stack and serve the day-to-day of business is not a part of the job that is going anywhere soon.

The leading analysts on the topic speak to this challenge tactically. For example, Gartner speaks to the distinctive...

Vishal Bardoloi
Principal Consultant
Sep 10, 2015
Offshoring vs. Onshoring

The onshore versus offshore resource debate compares apples and oranges. Most IT decision makers already understand the tradeoffs of working with a team several time zones away for the sake of speed and thrift. (If the reasons don’t come to you offhand, I recommend this handy executive brief: 8 Risks to Consider When Evaluating Onshore vs. Offshore Development – it’s an excellent primer.)

Those same IT enterprise...

Glenn Burnside
Executive Vice President, Operations
Aug 19, 2015
Next Gen Continuous Delivery: A Cure For Your IT Disconnect?

According to many reports: Business interests are not confident in IT to deliver on the requirements in the new era of the digital business. In a recent interview with InformationWeek, EMC president, Jeremy Burton explains that in their survey of 3,600 global business leaders: “Seventy-five percent of business leaders who come through our doors do not believe IT can deliver the innovation needed to transform the...

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