Nolan Egly
Senior Consultant at HeadSpring
Nov 25, 2014
Light Bulb

Corey Haines (@coreyhaines) wrote an interesting article on something he’s calling short-lived branches.  The short version is: Corey observed that we sometimes think of better ways to code something after we’ve started, but won’t start over (in economics this is called the sunk cost fallacy).  The end result is code that could have been made better, but wasn’t.  Corey proposed deleting your source control branch at the end of every day to...

Glenn Burnside
Executive Vice President, Operations
Nov 20, 2014
Shadow IT

According to a 2013 Frost & Sullivan study, more than 80% of line-of-business employees admit to practicing “shadow IT”: using SaaS applications without the knowledge or blessing of their IT groups.[1] It’s a practice that presents obvious security, data integrity, regulatory compliance and other risks, in addition to the potential cost and complexity of supporting unsanctioned SaaS applications.

Don’t let these risks overshadow a major opportunity for your IT group. Shadow IT gives forward-looking IT groups the...

Senior Consultant at HeadSpring
Nov 20, 2014

I have read numerous blog posts over the past year around the topic of why Scrum is outdated, and no longer a valuable option for Agile teams.  I fully understand how Scrum can go wrong - I also have been in the endless unproductive planning meetings, retrospectives and standups all because “Scrum requires these meetings”.  However, just because it can go wrong, doesn’t mean it has no value.

Those of us who have been in the Agile world for awhile often started with Scrum.  We went through the ceremonies, learned firsthand what worked and what...

Melissa Tullues
Senior Technical Program Manager
Nov 18, 2014

I hate meeting minutes.   You know - those notes that you scribble down during the meeting, trying to make sure that you capture the key points while also participating in the discussion, and then squeezing in time afterwards to package them up into a legible doc, and send it off to everyone who probably won’t open them anyway. Those minutes.  

Good meeting minutes requires discipline, not only to take them, but to send them.  And often, they just end up buried in someone’s inbox or on Confluence/SharePoint/etc.   After all, most the people who care...

Senior UI/UX Consultant
Nov 17, 2014
People holding hands

I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning.  I started by just going with the flow; letting the "Agile experts" of the team take the lead. I struggled with meeting client expectations and giving the developers what they needed, when they needed it.

Four years later (and four successfully launched applications) I have learned what it takes for a UX designer to be a valuable, productive member of an Agile development team.

1. Be efficient: Sorry folks, the era of creatives taking whatever time they need to create the...

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