Glenn Burnside
Executive Vice President, Operations
Aug 19, 2015
Next Gen Continuous Delivery: A Cure For Your IT Disconnect?

According to many reports: Business interests are not confident in IT to deliver on the requirements in the new era of the digital business. In a recent interview with InformationWeek, EMC president, Jeremy Burton explains that in their survey of 3,600 global business leaders: “Seventy-five percent of business leaders who come through our doors do not believe IT can deliver the innovation needed to transform the...

Senior UI/UX Consultant
Aug 4, 2015
When Everyone is in the Room UX is Agile (and Better)

In the consulting world, UX and engineering have a tendency to be delineated. I often see companies hire a UX specialist or “design only” firm that offers UX consulting services to support their efforts and relay their consultation, essentially, to another group of consultants. In this era of hyperspecialization, there is a strong business model to establish focus and productize the best and brightest experts. Because of the uniqueness of the code, personalities, training, best practices, recruitment pools, etc. -- consultants can operate in a UX-only world...

Client Engagement Manager
Jul 23, 2015
IT Best Practices

Leadership in today’s technology field can be challenging. We hire the best and brightest and provide the foundation for them to build great solutions. We provide equipment, tools and education to ensure staff members are confident to perform their jobs and conquer the challenges that come their way.

That said: This set of tools needs to include “best practices” as well.

Many will say “best practices” is another way of also saying passé or anti-innovative -- which is not entirely untrue. We, as an industry (the IT / technology / digital...

Nolan Egly
Senior Consultant
Jul 15, 2015
Application Development is like this map from the Odyssey

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of new technologies, tools, and techniques in the software industry. As developers, we delight in mastering complex interactions, feeling like Odysseus cunningly steering teams, machines, and scenarios to do our bidding. It’s difficult to master but incredibly self-fulfilling to see all the little pieces fit together into a grand orchestration of our creation.

Perhaps this feeling of jubilation is amplified because of the Odyssey-like hardships one must undertake in order to achieve the functioning product...

Research & Analysis
Jul 13, 2015

Business Transformation is a measure of the overall view of technology in the enterprise as an ongoing competitive advantage and it’s a growing trend according to a recent online survey conducted by Headspring.

The first annual survey sets out to isolate which factors have the strongest effect on transformative projects and priorities. With 258 survey responses gathered in March and April of 2015, the most influential factors are associated with company size, an individual’s role in prioritizing business transformation directives, and the importance...

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