Glenn Burnside
Executive Vice President, Operations
Jul 2, 2015
spaghetti architecture

To borrow a phrase: “Reinvent or die in a ruthless world.”

Whatever it is you make, sell, provide, move from A to B -- be it product or service -- your customers expect your offerings to be available to them where and when they want them. For the IT professional “Easy,” “Mobile,” “24/7,” and “Accessible,” are code words for digitalization.

The speed of a business is the speed of its technology.

Business and...

Cody Goodwin
Solution Architect
Jun 30, 2015
evolutionary architecture

When the topic of re-architecting legacy platforms comes up, we are fortunate to have a renowned expert in house. Jimmy Bogard, our chief technical architect, has a penchant for “telling it like it is” and relaying his experience to quickly diagnose a problem and pair it with a plan of attack for Headspring clients.

Recently, Jimmy has been asked to share his expertise on the topic of “evolutionary architecture” that hones on simplicity for the sake of scalability, and pinpoints red flags of slapdash or overdone engineering. Four totally...

Client Engagement Manager
Jun 24, 2015
business transformation benchmarks

As a former CIO, I recall how many times I knew what the business needed from IT, however I struggled to find the people or budget available to do the work. Shifting the resources from status quo to transformative projects often requires a jump-start. It requires sacrificing other projects and tasks to get to the ones of highest priority.

Many large companies are well on their way.  If you only have your toes in the water: educate yourself and jump in. The...

Patrick Lioi
Principal Consultant
Jun 18, 2015
Headspring Culture

I'm happy to announce Headspring's new training and mentorship program, CareerStart. Investing in our team members' careers benefits the individual, of course, but our culture of career growth and individual empowerment ultimately help our clients to achieve success as well. A little investment pays for itself many times over. Headspring's inaugural CareerStart training program, for instance, prepares new software engineers for successful, lasting careers as Headspring consultants. I'm excited to be a part...

Research & Analysis
Jun 16, 2015

In Part 1, we discussed why best-in-class IT organizations are embracing the shift towards engaging and enabling the business, and why new technology trends are driving this behavior. We also took a look at what some interesting companies are doing along these lines, like Greyhound and...

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