Get to Know a Developer: Jose Basilio

Jose Basilio

This week we welcomed Jose Basilio to the team! Jose currently lives in Houston, but he’s originally from the Dominican Republic. I was so excited to speak with him because he told me that participating in CTX GiveCamp (one of my projects last year) convinced him to look into working for us full time. In […]

Get to Know a Developer: Patrick Abbs

Patrick Abbs

This week we welcomed in a New Year and a new consultant to the team: Patrick Abbs.  Patrick is a native Austinite, but just moved back from New York.  He went to NYU for Individualized Study – a new type of customized undergraduate degree program. He explained to me that he chose a focus of […]

Get to Know a Developer: Andrew West

andrew west

This week’s developer actually started last week: Andrew West, Senior Consultant.  Andrew has been riding the contract train for all kinds of companies for about 10 years.  He’s done some server side work for mobile geo-caching apps, developed a bar code app for hazardous waste tracking in the healthcare industry, worked on projects in the financial […]

Get to Know a Developer: Cedric Yao

Headspring’s latest new hire is Cedric Yao, Senior Consultant.  We’re really excited to have him on board, and I am super excited to get a fresh addition into this series. Cedric has been in Austin for a few years, and just welcomed his first born son into the family 5 weeks ago!  We talked about […]

The confusion around QA: why doesn’t the industry agree?

Most people in the industry are undoubtedly familiar with the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Reference: Wikipedia I was having lunch with a recruiter colleague, and I was learning about the QA requests from lots of customers.  Most defined the QA role well within the “Testing” oval as shown in the picture.  From my questioning, it […]

Get to Know a Developer: Alonso Robles

Alonso Robles is our newest Principal Consultant at Headspring, and has quickly become an office favorite.  He is very enthusiastic about working here, and even wrote a blog the other day expressing this sentiment.  But the thing I’ve noticed about Alonso is that he is enthusiastic about everything – his family, his projects, his clients.  […]

Why isn’t software as reliable as a car?

According to this is a popular question on Programmers – Stack Exchange, a user once asked a programmer the innocent question, “Why isn’t software as reliable as a car”? The highest voted and overly pedantic answer is, “it isn’t: cars themselves have software that is far more reliable than the mechanical parts of the car”. […]

Get to Know a Developer: Chris Missal

Chris Missal, Senior Consultant at Headspring, is our newest addition to the team.  His background is mostly in web development using ASP.NET and MVC in the eCommerce industry.  At his last job, J&P Cycles, he helped create a system for allowing third-party widgets to more clearly communicate with each other, therefore allowing his team to […]

Becoming a Headspringer: Know thy ReSharper

Since I’m new to Headspring and we are hiring, I thought I would help give an edge to anyone applying and subscribing to our blog. There are many “features” (pun attempted) that make up a Headspringer and I’m hoping my fellow Headspring bloggers will help me verbalize them through the “Becoming a Headspringer” blog series. […]

I Have Framework Commitment Issues

Once upon a time, a problem was identified. Shortly thereafter a solution was found. After all it wasn’t a tough problem and the solution was simple. A commercial framework was selected and the solution was implemented. Then it was re-implemented with an open source framework and then rolled back to the commercial framework. Both frameworks […]