Why Enterprise Application Strategy Matters

Application portfolio strategy is important. Without it you run the risk of scoping, funding and initiating application development projects that fail to deliver their intended ROI or business benefits. Smart businesses understand that before investing in enterprise application development it is critical to build a credible strategy that includes the following considerations:

  • Application development (re-achitecture, process automation, new applications)
  • Application migration (on-premise to cloud, mobility)
  • Application integration (packaged applications, SaaS, custom, M&A roadmap)
  • Analytics (data storage/query, data sharing/access, simulation)

If you are developing an enterprise application strategy, we can help.

Why Choose Headspring?  

We understand how to architect and deliver custom enterprise application software that delivers business results. Our turnkey enterprise application development includes planning, programming, documentation, testing and maintenance throughout the release cycle. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Modernizing and integrating back office systems (ERP, SCM, BPM)
  • Integrating mobile application connectivity to back office systems
  • Field sales enablement (B2E)
  • Field service and operations enablement (B2E)
  • Mobile commerce/wallet apps
  • Analytics and BI application integration

We can help you navigate these challenges by devising a comprehensive enterprise application strategy to achieve your business goals. This includes planning for application lifecycle management and a common app services approach (including an alerts/notifications framework), and even guidance for driving adoption and usage.

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Why Enterprise Application Development Matters

While packaged and SaaS applications are the right solutions in some cases, they still require investment in configuration and deployment and you don’t own the source code when you’re done.  Further, if your business derives a competitive advantage from its business processes custom applications allow you to adapt the software to your business model – not the other way around. You also control the release schedule for feature enhancements.

If you are considering custom application development, we can help.

Why Choose Headspring?

We understand how to architect and deliver custom enterprise application software that delivers business results:

  • New software application development (ERP, SCM, BPM, DCM)
  • Modernizing legacy software applications
  • Integrating disparate software systems resulting from M&A activity

We also provide CIOs and their Application Development staff with greater peace of mind because we insulate them from the top three reasons why software development projects fail:

  1. Over budget: our fixed price engagement means no cost overruns.
  2. Over schedule: our post-Agile(TM) rapid delivery framework means no "big bang" releases so you receive delivered components throughout the development schedule.
  3. Incomplete functionality: our 100% onshore development teams mean "no loss in translation" so the application delivered matches the SOW.

To learn more about our Application Development approach, click here.

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